Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving again?

Sooo my mom since she was 18 years old has worked in the government.  She started off being in the air force than she joined customs.  Since i was little due to my moms job my family and i have been forced to move around.  I have lived in New Jersey, Panama, Washington State, Texas, California, and Virginia.  I moved around in California about 5 times and i moved around 2 times in Virginia.  I truly thought that we would be staying in Virginia.  Unfortunelty my mom got the news that we most likely have to move again.  Its soooooooo upsetting.  Im a senior now and my senior year is supposed to be amazing and moving would suck!  I really dont wanna be a new kid my senior year.  Im comfortable at the school im at now.  I love it and i love all the people in my town.  If we had to move my first choice would be Hawaii because i plan on going to HPU and study to becoming a marine biologist and if we moved there i wouldnt have to pay for housing, food, laundry, etc....  I doubt ill be that luckyy. With my luck were gonna move to some deserted town in Kansas.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer on my own

Most people think that when you live in a small town you cant have any fun.  That is definitely not the case.  So far this summer has been the greatest summer i have ever had.  No i haven't been able to go to the beach which sucks but i love all the new people i've met and all the fun i've had so far.  Ive been able to get closer to people i never thought id be friends with.  I think this summer has been so great because my mom left the house to me.  Im not like those teenagers who would throw a party while there parents were gone.  Id rather not have to clean up the mess.  But this summer i got to experience what its going to be like on my own.  The good points are i can pretty much do whatever i want and i love that!  The bad part is when i have no food i have to go out and buy it.  Hopefully i have enough money to  get what i need.  Its different being alone.  I have to clean and cook and fend for myself.  Not only am i taking care of myself but i have animals that i also have to take care of.  Which im not gonna lie sucks.  Yes there are negatives to living on my own for a summer, but being able to do what i want when i want with who i want is amazing!  Just the other day i went to a party with a bunch of people for my rival school and i had a great time!   Im kinda excited to go off to college and partyy!  For now im good with having fun in high school.  This is my last year and i plan on having a good time.  No matter what.